Rocky Springs Missionary Baptist Church
Sunday School  9:45 A.M.
Sunday Morning Worship  10:45 A.M
Sunday Evening Service 6:00 P.M.
Wednesday Night Bible Study  6:00 P.M..
Don't just come to Church...BE the Church
Periodically throughout the year we hold revivals, not just for the adults, but we also hold Youth Revivals.  We believe this keeps the excitement level high and affords us the opportunity to teach our youth that you can have fun and worship God at the same time.  As these events are scheduled, this page will be updated to reflect the times, and themes of our revivals.  Hope to see you there!
We believe that Baptism is one of the two pictoral ordanances that we are to observe as a New Testament Church.  We do NOT believe that baptism saves, rather, we believe it is an outward sign of salvation.  It is the first step of obedience towards God.  This is a new christians first opportunity to show the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord.  We believe baptism is only performed on saved believers, by total immersion, and that it has no saving power whatsoever.
Bro Kelly Moore, the Pastor of Rocky Springs Missionary Baptist Church, was ordained in 1994 by Providence Misisonary Baptist Church in Judsonia Ar.  Since that time he has pastored churches in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, and was also a missionary in Phoenix Arizona.  He accepted the Pastorate at Rocky Springs in January of 2015.  He preaches from the King James Version of the Bible and believes that growth and learning comes only from the Church.  He has been married to Janie since January of 1992.
Come and praise 

Come and hear the Word of God

We invite all to come worship the One True and Living God with us.  We are committed to spreading the Gospel to all creatures.  We also believe there is more to the Great Commission than just this, however.  We also believe in making disciples who will make disciples.  Come grow with us.
Help in the community
Prayer groups
We are currently working on several outreach programs, one of which is holding a series of classes that teach the relevance of the Bible in our everyday lives.  Such things as how to deal with different types of pressures we face, relationships, conflicts, and the like will be covered.  As these programs are developed fuller more information will be given
The men of the church meet regularly every other Thursday for fellowship and prayer.  These meetings are tremendous!  The Spirit of God moves everyone of us that attend.  You will not be able to leave with the same attitude you came in with.  This is open for all men in the community.  We pray about our Church, our leaders, our Country, and what ever else we feel moved to.  Please join us.
Always welcome
The following is a list of upcoming events that are sponsered by Rocky Springs.  We invite you to join all of them, or some of them. 
We invite people of all ages to join with us in Praising our God through study and songs.  Our worship services and Bible Studies are open to everyone and we encourage participation.  Your presence would be a blessing to us and we thank God for all His bounty.